X-ray diagnostics

Digital diagnostics

X-ray diagnostics allows to define what is the cause of the patient’s ailments, and thus to plan the appropriate treatment.

X-ray diagnostics in dentistry is the basis for effective treatment. It consists in taking digital diagnostic photos of the patient’s mouth and the bones of the face, which allow the doctor to find the cause of the patient’s problems. The entire process takes just a few minutes and is completely painless.

Why is it worth it?

X-ray facilitates quick and efficient diagnosis.


The photos show doctors the condition of the dentition, and thus allow them to diagnose the cause of the problem.


X-ray examinations are completely safe for almost everyone. Occasionally, pregnant women may be an exception.


-ray examination takes a few minutes, does not require special preparations and is non-invasive.

Diagnostics for the 21st century

At the Twój Uśmiech Dental Center, we provide comprehensive dental care in every aspect - including diagnostic.

We have a modern X-ray machine with a digital extraoral imaging system and our own X-ray laboratory. We perform instant digital point, three-dimensional and panoramic photos, the dose of irradiation of which, compared to traditional X-ray, is much lower. As a result, our patients receive the highest standard of treatment.

X-ray picture of the tooth

To najpopularniejszy rodzaj zdjęć RTG w stomatologii. We make them in order to be able to carefully examine a given fragment of the dentition.

Cephalometric image

The side view of the skull is most often used to diagnose a problem and plan treatment in the field of orthodontics.


Comprehensive intraoral photo of the entire dentition. It allows you to assess the condition of the teeth and the correctness of their location in relation to each other.

Diagnostic laminographic examination

Tomographic images are most often used in implantology, dental surgery and endodontics. They enable the evaluation of bone structures.

Our technicians

At Twój Uśmiech Dental Center, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults and seniors.

Aleksandra Koryciak

Radiology technician


Paweł Lasek

Radiology technician


Price list

Panoramic photo100 PLN
Cephalometric image100 PLN
Panoramic and cephalometric photo180 PLN
Photo of the peak and pivot cervical vertebrae through the open mouth100 PLN
Side photo of the NHP's head100 PLN
Maxillary conical tomography230 PLN
Conical tomography of the mandible230 PLN
Maxillary and mandible conical tomography350 PLN
Photo of RVG50 PLN
Occlusion package (cephalometric image, joint tomography x2 + description)400 PLN

Bet on effective X-ray diagnostics at the Twój Uśmiech Dental Center

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