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How to prepare a child for the first visit to the dentist?

Are you worried that your child’s first visit to the dentist will be full of stress, fear and crying? It doesn’t have to be that way! Appropriate preparation of a toddler for an appointment with a dentist in the office is the basis for a peaceful, trouble-free inspection of the oral cavity. Below you will find a set of proven tips that will help you gently introduce your child to the world of dental examinations.

It is worth taking a child around 2-3 years of age for a check-up visit, because he is already able to cooperate with the dentist – he understands his instructions and is able to carry them out. You can also visit the dentist around 1 year of age – the doctor will advise you on what to prepare for and how to proceed during the teething period.

Don’t wait for your child to complain of toothache before taking them to the dentist. Then treatment is likely to be necessary, which will put him under stress. It is worth focusing on effective prophylaxis so that treatment is not necessary as long as possible, and the toddler himself can get used to the office and dentist during check-up visits. Thanks to this, in the future, he will visit the dentist not only without fear, but even with a smile.

It is not the children who are most nervous about the first visit to the dentist, but their parents. Unfortunately, these emotions are transferred to the toddler who, seeing the fear of mum or dad, becomes anxious and tearful himself. Therefore, it is worth to be positive about the visit and to prepare the child positively before going to the office.
At the Twój Uśmiech Dental Center, we recommend a 2-stage adaptation process to prepare the child for the first real visit to the dentist. The first stage takes place at the orphanage, and the second stage at the clinic – in the form of an adaptation visit.
It is worth arousing positive emotions in the child related to the dentist before he or she comes to his office. A good solution is to play with the patient and dentist at home. In such an environment, the toddler feels safe, and the company of his favorite toys only helps to create a joyful atmosphere. But when it’s time to see a real dentist, treat it as a continuation of the game.

At the Twój Uśmiech Dental Center, we organize adaptation visits for the youngest patients. These are meetings during which the child gets to know the dentist, gets used to the office, chair and other equipment. An adaptation visit does not include any checks or treatment. The dentist tells about the teeth and their hygiene, and if the child is interested – shows the dental tools.

Thanks to this approach, children do not have concerns about the dentist, they come to the first visit with a smile and are more willing to cooperate with the doctor.

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