Dental surgery

Oral Surg Procedure

Conservative dentistry and root canal treatment are not able to solve all dental problems. This is where dental surgery comes in handy.

Dental surgery is procedures performed under local anesthesia within the oral cavity, which enable the patient to prepare for specialist treatment or to solve difficult dental cases. They include, among others complicated tooth extractions, resections or insertion of implants.

How to prepare for surgical treatment?

At the Twój Uśmiech Dental Center, preparations for the treatment include 3 stages:

Detailed interview

The dentist will interview you to find out about your health and ailments, and then set the treatment goals.

Dental examination of the oral cavity

It is an indispensable element of preparation that allows the doctor to better understand the problem and gain the basis for creating a treatment plan.

Treatment Plan

The dentist will develop a detailed treatment plan and present it to you. You will be able to ask questions or dispel doubts.

We care about your comfort

We know that "dental surgery" sounds serious and can be of concern.

But it doesn’t have to. We try to provide you with maximum comfort during the entire treatment process, which is why we care for a relaxed atmosphere, precise explanation of the procedure, as well as the qualifications of our doctors and treatment conditions. We use advanced digital diagnostics: modern 3D imaging technology allows us to obtain a three-dimensional image of the jaw bone, mandible as well as all teeth and maxillary sinus, and thus precisely plan the treatment.
We also care for you after the procedure: you will receive detailed recommendations and an invitation to a follow-up visit, during which the doctor will check whether the healing is proceeding properly.

Insertion of the implant

Tooth Extraction

Removal of an impacted wisdom tooth

Open or closed curettage

(manual removal of tartar from gingival pockets)

Undercutting the frenulum


(gum correction for further treatment)

Raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus

Root apex resection

(removal of a fragment of the tooth root if it is not possible to clean it and fill it during endodontic treatment)

Our Doctors

At Twój Uśmiech Dental Center, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults and seniors.

Beata Głowacka

Dentist, specialist in periodontics

Kazimierz Łyś

Dentist, implantologist

Konrad Kowalewski


Price list

Histopathological examination110 PLN
Extension of the clinical crown level 1500 PLN
Extension of the clinical crown level 2600 PLN
Extension of the clinical crown level 3700 PLN
Hemisection, radectomy level 1400 PLN
Hemisection, radectomy level 2500 PLN
Hemisection, radectomy level 1=3600 PLN
Treatment of a dry socket / alveolar dressing80 PLN
Incision and drainage of periodontal abscess300 PLN
Uncovering an impacted tooth with an orthodontic bracket attached800 PLN
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)450 PLN
Plastic surgery of the oro-sinus connection with the use of an obturator1 000 PLN
Plastic surgery of the oro-sinus connection without the use of an obturator700 PLN
Plastic surgery of the tongue or lip bit400 PLN
Root apex resection (single-root tooth)1 300 PLN
Root apex resection (two-root tooth)1 800 PLN
Root apex resection (three-root tooth)2 500 PLN
Surgical suturing150 PLN
Removal of the tooth fragment170 PLN
Removal of odontogenic cyst level 11 000 PLN
Removal of odontogenic cyst level 12 000 PLN
Surgical tooth extraction600 PLN
Surgical extraction of a milk tooth750 PLN
Simple tooth extraction270 PLN
Tooth extraction difficult350 PLN
Complicated tooth extraction450 PLN
Retained tooth extraction - operational1 200 PLN
Biomaterial supplementation of the postoperative bone defect - Without the use of a membrane1 000 PLN
Biomaterial supplementation of the postoperative bone defect -
With the use of a membrane
3 000 PLN
Control visit after surgical procedures80 PLN
Excision of the gingival hood250 PLN

Do you need a specialized treatment?

Make an appointment.

Reservation fee

for visits to the Twój Uśmiech Dental Center

A reservation fee of PLN 50 is collected from patients visiting the Center for the first time for visits lasting up to 60 minutes. There is no booking fee for visits lasting less than 15 minutes.

Patients who continue treatment are charged a reservation fee of PLN 100 for visits lasting more than 60 minutes. There is no booking fee for visits lasting less than 60 minutes.

The booking fee is credited towards the remuneration for the treatment performed at the time of the settlement of the visit.

The booking fee is PLN 50

PLN 100 booking fee

Are you concerned that the cost of the procedure might be too high for you?

You don’t have to pay the whole amount right away. You can easily divide the payment into convenient installments using the MediRat system, and start treatment now.