Prevention and hygiene

Always healthy teeth and gums

Keep your smile beautiful and healthy with the help of dental hygiene and prevention.

Dental prophylaxis is the regular performance of simple, non-invasive procedures within the oral cavity. Their goal is to maintain the health and aesthetic appearance of teeth and gums. They are intended for both children and adults.

Why is it worth it?

For oral health.

Increases the resistance of the teeth

Thanks to prophylaxis, the teeth become more resistant to decay, and any cavities can be noticed and treated much faster.

It improves the aesthetics of a smile

The treatments eliminate discoloration, deposits and tartar. In addition, they smooth the surface of the teeth and whiten them.

Protects the gums

Treatments such as scaling prevent the gums from lowering, as well as exposing the necks of the teeth, protecting against tooth loss.

With us you will take care of effective prophylaxis

At the Twój Uśmiech Dental Center, we offer a modern ITOP program (individual training and instruction in oral hygiene), tailored to the age and needs of the patient.

In addition, we recommend follow-up visits to check whether the patient has properly mastered the techniques of brushing the teeth. Prophylactic treatments are performed by a qualified and experienced certified dental hygienist, while ensuring the maximum comfort of the patient and his safety.
See what services we provide:

ITOP hygiene training

A set of recommendations including washing techniques as well as preparations and brushes individually matched to the patient's needs.

Tartar removal (scaling)

Mechanical removal of unsightly and concealing caries tartar.


Restoring the aesthetics of the teeth by removing discoloration and deposits.

Fluoride varnish

Application of gel, foam or varnish with a high concentration of fluoride to strengthen the teeth and protect them against caries.


It is a lightening of the color of the teeth - available using the overlay method. In the overlay method, we use a low concentration of the preparation for a long time, and in the office - high concentration in two sessions.

Our qualified hygienists

At Twój Uśmiech Dental Center, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults and seniors.

Anna Babicz

Hygienist and dental assistant


Monika Sieczka

Dental Hygienist


Beata Kudyra

Dental Hygienist


Małgorzata Falender

Dental Hygienist


Price list

Specialist periodontal consultation200 PLN
Subgingival scaling (closed curettage) 1 tooth200 PLN
Subgingival scaling (closed curettage) 2 teeth300 PLN
Subgingival scaling (closed curettage) 3-4 teeth400 PLN
Subgingival scaling (closed curettage) above 4 teeth620 PLN
Hygienization - 1 visit300 PLN
iTop - 1.5 hour visit440 PLN
iTop - 1 hour visit340 PLN
iTop - 0.5 hour visit220 PLN

Enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile!

Make an appointment for a control visit.

Reservation fee

for visits to the Twój Uśmiech Dental Center

A reservation fee of PLN 50 is collected from patients visiting the Center for the first time for visits lasting up to 60 minutes. There is no booking fee for visits lasting less than 15 minutes.

Patients who continue treatment are charged a reservation fee of PLN 100 for visits lasting more than 60 minutes. There is no booking fee for visits lasting less than 60 minutes.

The booking fee is credited towards the remuneration for the treatment performed at the time of the settlement of the visit.

The booking fee is PLN 50

PLN 100 booking fee