Conservative dentistry

Permanent filling of cavities and effective anti-caries prophylaxis

We help to painlessly win against caries and take care of the aesthetic appearance of the teeth.

Conservative dentistry focuses on treating the effects of caries and preventing this disease. The first symptoms of caries are enamel demineralization. In the initial stages, it can be cured with minimally invasive methods, but the more caries progresses, the more serious treatment it requires.

What are the benefits of caries prophylaxis?

Prophylaxis is the easiest and the best way to take care of your teeth.

It protects you from pain and discomfort

Untreated caries can lead to pulp inflammation, which is associated with enormous 2-day pain. If left untreated at this stage, it may cause necrosis, periodontitis, and thus fever and swelling.

It guarantees savings

Conservative dentistry is not expensive, but if you start working too late, your teeth may require much more expensive treatment - e.g. root canal treatment.

Takes care of the aesthetics of the teeth

The first symptoms of caries - spots on the enamel, negatively affect the aesthetics of the dentition, but the lack of treatment may lead to its loss.

Overcome caries and enjoy the health of your teeth

It's easy with our help! We will help you both when you want to prevent tooth decay in the future and when you are already struggling with it.

At the Twój Uśmiech Dental Center, we perform thorough oral examinations and conduct a dental interview to create effective and precise treatment plans. We work minimally invasively – we save tooth tissue thanks to the use of restorative dentistry techniques. Work on the proper preparation of the cavity and filling takes place under magnification, which we obtain thanks to loupes and microscopes. We place great emphasis on the aesthetics and functions of fillings, taking into account individual occlusal conditions.


Regular oral cavity checkups (every 6 months in adults and every 3 in children) are the simplest method of effective caries prevention. If this disease occurs, you will notice the first signs quickly and will be treated appropriately. Bez konieczności wykonywania bardziej inwazyjnych zabiegów.


Modern treatment methods at the Twój Uśmiech Dental Center provide excellent results in both functional and aesthetic contexts. We perform enamel remineralization, filling cavities, and, if necessary, also root canal, orthodontic and surgical treatment.

Our dentists

At Twój Uśmiech Dental Center, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults and seniors.

Edyta Skrzyszewska


Maja Skrzyszewska

Dentist, endodontist

Kamila Wagner-Astapionok


Aleksandra Wierzbińska


Magdalena Borkowska-Olender


Dawid Olender


Magdalena Kozłowska


Price list

Sedation up to 60 minutes200 PLN
1-superficial defect filling350 PLN
Cavity filling - two-sided420 PLN
Defect filling - 3-sided480 PLN
Temporary filling 220 PLN
Closure of a large cavity in the tooth crown after root canal treatment430 PLN
Closure of a very large cavity in the tooth crown after root canal treatment650 PLN
Local anesthesia or regional anesthesia40 PLN

Let's take care of the health of your smile

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Reservation fee

for visits to the Twój Uśmiech Dental Center

A reservation fee of PLN 50 is collected from patients visiting the Center for the first time for visits lasting up to 60 minutes. There is no booking fee for visits lasting less than 15 minutes.

Patients who continue treatment are charged a reservation fee of PLN 100 for visits lasting more than 60 minutes. There is no booking fee for visits lasting less than 60 minutes.

The booking fee is credited towards the remuneration for the treatment performed at the time of the settlement of the visit.

The booking fee is PLN 50

PLN 100 booking fee

Are you concerned that the cost of the procedure might be too high for you?

You don’t have to pay the whole amount right away. You can easily divide the payment into convenient installments using the MediRat system, and start treatment now.