Canal Therapies, Root

Treatment of teeth with infected pulp

Endodontics is a rescue for teeth at risk of extraction. It allows you to heal them and maintain their functionality.

Root canal treatment (endodontic) consists in removing infected or dead pulp from the tooth chamber and root canals through their mechanical and chemical preparation, and then filling them with appropriate materials.

When is endodontic treatment needed?

In dentistry, root canal treatment is used when the tooth pulp becomes infected. The reasons for this problem are:

Untreated caries

manifested by deep cavities

Occlusal overload

that is, incorrect contacts between the opposing teeth


such as fractures and sprains

Root canal treatment at the Twój Uśmiech Dental Center

The success of treatment depends primarily on the precision and accuracy of the dentist.

During their work, our doctors use surgical microscopes that ensure adequate magnification, and thus improve the quality of their treatments. Each root canal treatment is performed with the use of a cofferdam, which isolates the saliva from the treatment area. This allows for much more precise work, speeds up the treatment time and increases the patient’s comfort. Thanks to the use of computed tomography, we are able to get to know the exact anatomy of a given tooth before treatment, as well as see the canal system in three-dimensional space, which greatly increases the effectiveness and precision of our treatment.

It is worth remembering that untreated pulpitis has consequences for the entire body. It can lead to serious conditions such as myocarditis or sepsis. That is why you should visit the dentist as soon as you notice the first symptoms – do not wait!

The first symptoms

Recurrent, nocturnal or persistent toothache is a clear sign of pulpitis.

Anaesthesia local

In order to provide patients with the highest possible comfort, the treatment is performed under local anesthesia.

Our endodontists

At Twój Uśmiech Dental Center, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults and seniors.

Piotr Skrzyszewski


Maja Skrzyszewska

Dentist, endodontist

Dawid Olender


Magdalena Kozłowska


Price list

Tooth devitalization with temporary filling330 PLN
Endodontic treatment 1 - visit tooth 1 canal830 PLN
Endodontic treatment 1 - visit tooth 2 canals1050 PLN
Endodontic treatment 1 - visit tooth 3 canals or more1 380 PLN
Multi-visit endodontic treatment of tooth 1 canal1 100 PLN
Multi-visit endodontic treatment of a tooth with 2 canals1 430 PLN
Multi-visit endodontic treatment of a tooth with 3 or more canals1 870 PLN
Endodontic first aid single-canal tooth330 PLN
Endodontic first aid multi-canal tooth390 PLN
Removal of a broken tool or a crown-root insert is easy500 PLN
Removal of a broken tool or a crown-root insert is difficult720 PLN
Dressing replacement during multi-stage root canal treatment300 PLN
Closing the perforation of the bottom of the chamber or the root wall500 PLN
Photo of RVG60 PLN

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Reservation fee

for visits to the Twój Uśmiech Dental Center

A reservation fee of PLN 50 is collected from patients visiting the Center for the first time for visits lasting up to 60 minutes. There is no booking fee for visits lasting less than 15 minutes.

Patients who continue treatment are charged a reservation fee of PLN 100 for visits lasting more than 60 minutes. There is no booking fee for visits lasting less than 60 minutes.

The booking fee is credited towards the remuneration for the treatment performed at the time of the settlement of the visit.

The booking fee is PLN 50

PLN 100 booking fee

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