Oral Implantology

Recover the aesthetics of a natural smile thanks to implant treatment

Implantology allows you to recover lost teeth in the form of implants, so that the patient can once again enjoy a full smile and the comfort of eating.

The implantation procedure completes the missing teeth in two stages. The first is to insert a titanium implant (screw) into the jaw bone, which acts as the root of the tooth. The second step is to put a prosthetic crown on the implanted implant – it reflects the real tooth in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Why is it worth it?

Modern implantology is a safe and durable way to regain full dentition.

Aesthetic smile

Visually, the crown does not differ in any way from the real tooth of the patient - it is exactly the same shade. As a result, third parties don't know it's an implant.

Better chewing comfort

An implanted crown implant functions like a natural tooth, improving the overall chewing mechanics. The patient regains comfort while eating.

Maintaining the natural appearance of the face

Incomplete dentition can cause bone loss and facial deformity. Implant placement can effectively prevent this.

Feel comfortable with your smile

At the Twój Uśmiech Dental Center, we develop multi-stage, individual treatment plans that allow you to regain the joy of your smile and a better everyday well-being.

We fill the cavities efficiently, aesthetically and safely through implantation procedures, and, if necessary, also bone regeneration.

Predictable result

At the Twój Uśmiech Dental Center we use the latest solutions of digital technology. We use an intraoral scanner that allows us to visualize the dentition extremely accurately, and thus predict the result of treatment.

Full safety

Implants are made of biocompatible titanium, which works well with the human body. We use only the highest quality products, thanks to which we obtain exceptionally good results. Implants, with proper hygiene and post-treatment control, will serve you for many years.

Our implantologists

At Twój Uśmiech Dental Center, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults and seniors.

Kazimierz Łyś

Dentist, implantologist

Full smile just 12 weeks after the procedure

It takes at least 12 weeks for the implant to fuse with the bone.

When this stage is over, we will put on a tooth-like prosthetic crown, and you will again enjoy a beautiful smile.

Price list

Implant consultation280 PLN
Implantological consultation with scans and printing of models500 PLN
Temporary crown on the temporary abutment1 800 PLN
Zirconium crown on the implant - cemented4 000 PLN
Metal-porcelain crown on the implant3 500 PLN
Overdenture on 2 implants6 800 PLN
Overdenture denture on 4 implants10 000 PLN
Overdenture denture on 3 implants8 500 PLN
Implantology template2 000 PLN
Removal of an implant placed in another office800 PLN

Do you want to benefit from implantological treatment?

Book a consultation and see if you qualify for the procedure.

Reservation fee

for visits to the Twój Uśmiech Dental Center

A reservation fee of PLN 50 is collected from patients visiting the Center for the first time for visits lasting up to 60 minutes. There is no booking fee for visits lasting less than 15 minutes.

Patients who continue treatment are charged a reservation fee of PLN 100 for visits lasting more than 60 minutes. There is no booking fee for visits lasting less than 60 minutes.

The booking fee is credited towards the remuneration for the treatment performed at the time of the settlement of the visit.

The booking fee is PLN 50

PLN 100 booking fee

Are you concerned that the cost of the procedure might be too high for you?

You don’t have to pay the whole amount right away. You can easily divide the payment into convenient installments using the MediRat system, and start treatment now.